2023 Top 10 ranking retail trends

14 Feb 2023

Unveil the TOP 10 ranking that help you stay ahead of
disruption, predict shopping motivations, and fulfil unmet needs.virtual_shopping
Consumers’ behaviors in retail shopping never stop evolving: do you know what your customers really want? How is going to change the panorama in 2023?

  1. Authentic Automation
    Technology and digital enable velocity and convenience, however we must not forget the power of emotional connections that consumers still want: authentic automation strengthen the shopping journey.
    RISK: customer loss or attrition
    SOLUTION: fast and frictionless tech solutions
  1. Budgeteers
    The cost-of-living crisis leads consumers to think about whether and when to spend. Companies need to implement and develop solutions that help budgeteers save money while considering overhead expenses
    RISK: Loss of market shares for certain categories
    SOLUTION: study of new payment plans eg. Buy now pay later
  1. Control the scroll
    Consumers who are always online want to consolidate and centralize the use of platforms to optimize time: brands need to refine digital experiences with efficient, integrated functionality
    RISK: Digital abandonment or distraction, and APP deletion
    SOLUTION: Enhance digital wellness with curated content, streamlined apps and tailored recommendations
  1. Eco economic
    Decreasing consumption is increasing sustainability by proxy.  Consumers want cost-effective options to save their money and the planet.
    RISK: Change of the consumption model: less focused on acquisitions and purchases
    SOLUTION: Circular business models
  1. Game On
    The generational divide is becoming less apparent and challenging the typical gamer stereotype
    RISK: Underestimate a mass-market trend, avoiding changing the strategic plan
    SOLUTION: Convert players into payers
  1. Here and now
    Consumers allow themselves the luxury of non-essential spending: joy can be a purchase motivation for immediate consumption. They are not forgetting financial responsibility.
    RISK: Marketing Strategy not in target
    SOLUTION: Brand Positive association


  1. Revived Routine
    Consumers want to achieve a sense of normalcy again; they want to get on with their lives despite the uncertainties that await them. They want to be involved in new activities.
    RISK: Still focusing on Pandemic situation
    SOLUTION: Offer products and services that boost confidence
  1. She rises
    The fight for women’s rights is growing. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) must be at the center of core values: let’s focus on women equality.
    RISK: Limited product ranges or basic offerings
    SOLUTION: Invest in the employees and make DEI engrain in workplace culture
  1. The thrivers
    Exhaustion is at an all-time high. Overwhelmed consumers are exerting less effort and doing their best to get by.
    RISK: Extreme focus on yourself
    SOLUTION: Become advocate for the physical and mental health of the customers
  2. Young and disrupted
    Gen Z takes matters into their own hands as their financial freedom ramps up: only real, raw and relevant content draws their attention.
    RISK: don’t grab the attention of Gen Z because you think is not your target
    SOLUTION: Build a transparent, honest and relatable communication. If you are real, you are ideal