27 October 2020


Franchise Pool International (FPI) is the network leader in Europe of consultants specialized in the Franchising sector.

We are 20 leading specialists representing 48 different countries in Europe, North America, Canada, South Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Every 15 days, on Friday, our brands customers can attend the meetings Fridays for Franchising©: exclusive sessions that provide the right feedback on the potential of the brand in relation to dozens of markets worldwide, to explore the possibility of international development of the brand.

Since 2015 3io is the Italian Partner, like every other member of FPI, brings professional insights of its local market, presenting opportunities and challenges for franchising abroad and providing valuable guidance and best practices for its customers to achieve their goals.



Affilya is the Franchising Community set up to create a controlled and safe environment where you can meet franchises of excellence, but also professionals and consultants of great experience, able to give the right indications for a good affiliation.