Temporary and retail management

8 June 2017


The temporary shop is much more than just a temporary sales activity: it is a powerful tool to generate sell out.
We at 3io, founding partner of the historical sector leader, Sidecar Eventi, built temporary strategies and events that go beyond finding an appropriate location and setting up a temporary store.
Conceived as a value ‘‘container’’ for the brand, the temporary shop becomes:

  • a communication action that offers the opportunity to create unprecedented and major events, by delivering brand messages
  • an innovative retail experience that enriches customer relationship and transforms the sales act into a one to one relation marketing opportunity, creating value for the brand
  • a commercial promotion formula that attracts an audience highly oriented to innovations and highly active in spreading them, thus contributing to reinforce the brand

The initiative may also be a valid area or target test, within the framework of a broader commercial development plan.

Project, organization and mangement

Location: nationwide and shopping centers research / Positionable pop-up in areas of interest / Mobile location / Temporary Tour
Qualified staff: hostess, store manager, security, barman, housekeeping, photographer, audio and video service
Logistics and practices: bureaucratic practices, licenses and permits, movement of goods
Project: study and planning of the concept, preparations, furnishings
Catering: catering service, cooking show
Communication: events and promotions organization