Via Condotti

Brands: ELISA LANDRI – MALANDRINA Type of business: fashion Launch year: 1992 Direct stores number: 5 Franchising stores number: 65 Number of employees needed in a store: 1 per 155.000€ turnover Average floor surface area: 70 – 120 mq Store optimal location: shopping centres, city centres, touristic locations Catchment area (minimum population): 100.000 Initial investment (€): 400,00€ – 800,00€[…]

FPI Franchise Pool International

FPI: Franchise Pool International

Franchise Pool International (FPI) is the leading European network of specialized franchise consultants, and meets twice a year: in occasion of the Global Master Forum and for the annual intern Meeting, which involves the participation of a limited number of selected brands. The FPI Round Table proposes a unique combination of information and networking, essential[…]